Senior Photos of Your Own Child

High school senior girl in a billowy dress looking out at the sunset.

Senior photos hit different when it’s your own kid; especially when it’s the “baby” of the family. There’s already so much excitement going into sessions, but with mine it was just mixed emotions of bittersweet! I wanted to go to the famous Sunset Cliffs to work in the water and get that insane golden hour glow the beach gets! And we timed these so that we could get access to this awesome beach at a really low tide. I’m beyond excited to make this same kind of magic with some Estes Park senior photos when we move to Colorado!

Sunset Cliffs is very finicky and washes out very easily, so we had to be strategic. But, not only did we get some breathtaking photos up on the cliffs, then she trusted her mama and scaled down the side of the cliff with all the clothes to get down to the beach and tide pool area. I really think my favorite part is the low tide because of the small pools that wash up onto the sand. They made for amazing reflection photos and just add one more “thing” to this location. Even though the sky really did it for us, can’t say no to a little extra shooting time on the sand!

Luckily since I’ve photographed her so much, we are so in sync & she needs no direction. It’s just amazing to watch her create such amazing senior photos. Plus she’s even more beautiful on the inside than out so it’s a dream to get a front row seat. The long blue dress we chose to give her session the WOW factor really did everything she wanted it to! I mean, look at that deep color against the sunset! It really was such a magical session for both of us. And watching my baby own the space in front of the camera is how I hope all my seniors feel during their sessions with me! I love creating personalized sessions for seniors to showcase their personalities, favorite places, interested, etc.

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