A Day in the Fort Collins Park

High school senior girl laughing with friends in the street of a Fort Collins park.

Photographers, you know those sessions that completely energize you for days and weeks?! Lane’s session in Balboa Park was just that for me! I absolutely love doing senior sessions, and they hold a special place in my heart. Lane and I had such a fun time together during her shoot that I find myself thinking about it still! So many seniors will say they could never pull that off in our Fort Collins park with all the people around, but after a while you just forget about them all!

Sometimes seniors can feel a little uncomfortable at the beginning of the shoot. Once they realize that all those people around them don’t care one bit what we are doing, they relax and we can get them the best senior photos! Lane even had a mini cheering section as she danced and twirled in front of the museum!

I love this location because there are so many different areas to explore. It really lends itself to capturing different looks and various vibes! The colorful stone path brings so much personality to photos. Lane really came alive in front of the museum, and those might be my favorite shots we captured that day! I highly recommend exploring Balboa Park and scheduling a shoot there.

Lane is such an amazing young lady, and I’m so excited to see what post graduation has in store for her. Love photographing seniors after spending time with them for their family sessions. I get to know them a bit beforehand so we bypass all the awkwardness and just get into making magic and amazing photos! Thanks for such a fun and memorable day, Lane!

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