Do you refer out sessions with older children and teens because they stress you out too much? Never fear, this is where I come in! Prior to my photography career, I worked as a social worker in middle and high schools for 10 years and have two teenagers of my own so they hold a special place in my heart! I’m going to walk you through how I prep for a session that includes teens before I even meet them. I’m going to arm you with strategies for your back pocket when things start to go awry. Follow along with me through a full session with 2 teens and how to create beautiful interactive images.

Photographing teens and their families with confidence!

family sessions with teens


o you immediately start sweating when you get an inquiry for a session that includes pre teens and teens?



Are you looking to take your session flow and/or editing process to the next level in your business or before you start your business? I’m here to help! Whether you are interested in a zoom call to go over editing techniques or the full process with a session and editing of that session; I can help you with all of those aspects of your process. 
I have been in business for 10 years and have successfully established it in 5 different locations when we have moved. I can also help guide you in setting up the backend side of your business during these mentoring sessions.  

An editing mentor session includes 1.5 hours of editing to go over any and all aspects you have questions about. We will edit your RAW images from start to finish and answer all questions along the way. Beyond editing, I am happy to answer business related questions. Includes my set of brushes I use on all my photos. 

An in person mentorship includes you & I will meet up to scout the location & discuss the plan of the session. We will work together during the session to go over flow, prompts, lighting, etc. Afterward we will meet via zoom to edit images from that session. Session will take place within 15 miles of Fort Collins, CO. A mountain session add on of $250 can be applied. 

Photography mentoring

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