Creating a Colorado Senior Session That is Perfectly You

High school senior girl sitting on columned hallway in her formal dress at sunset.

When a mom reaches out and says that her daughter is looking for a regal prom Colorado senior session in her dress…you get a little nervous that you can do this justice. Haha. She really wanted a grand hotel, but since those are hard to get permissions, we settled for the next best, (and I’d say even better), location – Balboa Park in San Diego! Everything you could want for luxury and nature. The organ pavilion was built for just this type of session, and to say that Alivia absolutely owned it would be an understatement! The architecture and the way the sun hits at sunset were just the chef’s kiss for her session.

From the first click of the camera she worked it and just gave absolute senior session gold!! She wore her dress for the beginning of her regal prom session under the pavilion. Once we moved to the big trees in the park that always seem out of this world, she did an outfit change to make climbing on the stumps easier! How can one person wear jeans and tennis shoes and still look so glam?! Just amazing! We also took a few minutes to get her pup for a few pics in front of the church doors! When asked if a senior can bring their dog to their Colorado senior session the answer is always, always yes! Which were also so elegant. Everything in Balboa park is just grand, everything Alivia wanted. This is what senior sessions are all about for me and for the senior. It needs to be YOU! What makes you happy right now? What encompasses your personality? Let’s include it!

I could do a million sessions with her and be happy as can be! She absolutely rocked it and made it her own.

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