Golden Sunset Field Loveland Family Session

Two boys running in front of their parents on a trail in Colorado.

Gosh! I love “growing up” with my families! I started photographing Elizabeth, Derek and their boys in 2019 when little Barrett wanted NOTHING to do with me – haha! The kids were so much smaller than, and now they’re tweens??! 2019 seems like a year ago, when actually 4 years have passed! Anyone else feel that way? A sunset field for a Loveland family session was just the thing we needed to turn the clocks back before I move!

Now the kids are quite the chatterboxes, we greet each other like old friends, and made me laugh through the session. No lack of personality and a sense of humor there! Callen is just the sweetest boy and has always been up for an adventure. Luckily at this sunset field family session I was able to provide just that for him, navigating the field and flowers. And again the skies really did the most, which always makes me look like a freak show as I geek out about the puffy clouds and colors! I’ll never get tired of the skies here! We had the most insane sunset that evening, which made it even more nostalgic for us. I think they are one of the families I will miss the very, very most. And one of the reasons I’ll be coming back each year to photograph sessions in San Diego. They are the epitome of a lifestyle Loveland family session and need no prompting to love and laugh together – my favorites!

I really am so blessed to have that relationship with a majority of my photo families here in San Diego. I can’t wait to create those same memories with my Fort Collins people, but I know never to forget my roots and what started my passion for photographing different lives.

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