Berthoud Rolling Hills Family Session

Dad with daughter on his shoulders laughing and smiling, while mom is cuddling with son in a Fort Collins field.

Maile and her family are back in the US, and I could not be happier that our schedules aligned before I moved and we could set up their Berthoud family session! I LOVE when things line up like that!

Having sessions with little ones make evenings like this so amazing. They’re at that age where they still laugh when their parents tickle them, and want to do it right back! As a photographer that is always so fun to photograph!!

Maile’s kids also were great listeners. I’m usually giving direction during my sessions when it comes to posing, and telling people what to do with their hands if needed. Well… the kids were pros and took every direction the best! I loved how natural all their images looked in their gallery at the end!

Maile also picked the cutest outfits for all of them. She wore the most gorgeous long dress dress! It reminded me of this one from Baltic Born! I loved how it popped against the beautiful Berthoud backdrop! Her dress was complimented by the baby blues and flowers on her daughters dress too. The guys wore blue long sleeves with dress pants or jeans. I always recommend neutrals for the men in the photos! We love you guys, but your outfits play a supporting role here 😉

At the end of the session, we went to my favorite field that was in full bloom and created some really timeless pictures for this Rolling Hills Family session. We sang, we danced, we twirled and created the best photos for them!

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