From Family of Three to Family of Four

Mom tossing her toddler son in the air laughing and smiling together in the sunset in Estes Park.

Sometimes you work with families that come to their sessions and then you hopefully wait until the next year to meet with them again. And I LOVE those families. But then there are those families that you absolutely VIBE with, knowing that…yes…we’re here for this hour session, but I’ll talk to you next week too! This family of four is absolutely one of those families!

I’ve had the pleasure to document Emily, David, Luke and Jack from the time that Luke was Jack’s age. From a family of three, through pregnancy, newborn stage and now one last session before we both move out of the state. This family of four has welcomed me in as their honorary distant auntie, and watching their fam grow first hand has been amazing! I’m so grateful for Emily and her friendship. And even more grateful I get to watch the boys continue to grow via social media! Watching them from afar is just as amazing.

This session we planned took place during golden hour in the prettiest family friendly field. I say ‘family friendly’ because have you ever been to a session and the photographer makes you walk through cliffs and rocks and water?! (Well, I might be guilty of this, BUT it’s always completely thought out with whoever I’m working with, so you know what you’re getting into!). Their first session with me included traversing the side of a beach cliff!

We laughed and played and danced in the golden field until the sun went down. I’m going to miss this family of four so much as we both go off to continue our way through life!! But I’m so thankful for the memories we’ve created and I’m looking forward to seeing their family adventures via social media!

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