Photographing Families With Teens

Mom hugging her teenage daughter at sunset.

It’s the month of model families!! If you’re anything like me, when you started photography, (specifically families), you might have had a bit of trouble figuring out how to photograph families with teens.

Fast forward years later, and now it seems like a silly concept! But it is a lot harder to get your 16 year old to laugh! With little kiddos we can tell mom and dad to make a joke or spin them around! But teens take a little more work to get a genuine smile!

That’s exactly why I’ve created a course to help with photographing families with teens!! Because I’ve been there! And if you have no where to turn it may feel like you’re at a loss forever! I’ve gained a huge love for families with teens as my clients. And the Dianas family is a big part of why!

They love having fun together, mixed in with a bit of teasing and harassment! And to photograph them at my favorite beach was icing on the cake!

My new course at Bold, Emotional, Colorful, Embracing Families with Teens teaches how to get these real moments with the 16 year olds that might not want to be there. I’ve found such a love for this niche in photography, and I know you can too!! I’d be honored to share my tips & tricks of the trade!!

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