What Your Boulder Family Photographer Wants You to Know

Dad, mom and son walking in a line in a field in the Boulder mountains.

There are so many amazing locations in Colorado to shoot in for family sessions, but as a Boulder family photographer, I often gravitate to Boulder each time! Whether you live in the area or are visiting from out of town, out of state or even out of the country, it’s a great spot to document your family in this beautiful area!

Mom, dad and son standing in a field in the mountains of Boulder.

Little boy standing on a large boulder looking off into the sunset in Boulder, Colorado.

Husband and wife running through a field in the Boulder mountains at sunset.

The Mountains are Calling

While I do live in Fort Collins, about an hour away from Boulder, I LOVE the location of Boulder. It literally butts up against the mountains and just makes a glorious backdrop to your family photos. There are fields to play in, rocks to climb on, trails to explore and in the right season – snowballs to make or flowers to pick. As a Boulder family photographer, I love that I don’t have to drive hours and hours to have a solid mountain session with a family and give them amazing photos for their walls and cards!

Dad throwing toddler daughter up in the air as pregnant mom watches and smiles.

Expecting mom looking over her shoulder in the sunset of Boulder mountains.

Dad twirling toddler daughter in the Boulder sunset.

That Sun Though

Although it may be a myth that Colorado gets 300 days of sun each year, it does boast at least 2/3 of the year with sunny days. And that sun just hits different in the mountains and brings out the biggest smiles and good moods of even the grumpiest family members – haha! And as a Boulder family photographer, that sun is always a welcome sight because it brings some amazing golden light at sunset and some amazing sunsets to boot! It also helps keep us all warm when the sun dips and the temps start declining!

Mom and toddler son standing together for their boulder family photographer in the sunset.

Grandma kissing toddler granddaughter while mom holds her in Boulder, Colorado.

Husband and wife hugging and laughing together in the Boudler sunset.

A Location for ALL Seasons

I’ve officially shot in Boulder in all 4 seasons and I seriously can’t pick a favorite. Sure, I prefer warm weather and want my families to be warm for their session, but seeing the snow on the Flatiron Mountains is also pure magic as well. And that snow then produces some beautiful summer wildflowers that are just insanely gorgeous to frolic in for your session. I will never deny someone a session in Boulder no matter the time of year – bring it on!

Expecting mom looking and smiling as dad throws toddler daughter in the air in the Boulder sunset.

Mom holding toddler daughter and embracing in the cold winter Boulder air.

Son kissing his kneeling mom on the forehead in the Boulder sunset.

Multiple Photographers, No Problem! 

Moving from the SoCal beaches to the Colorado mountains is different for a million reasons. One of those as a Boulder family photographer is actually having space to maneuver around other sessions happening at the same time! The beach is just a beast with beachgoers and other photo sessions for sure! I’ve had Boulder mountain sessions where I counted 10 other photographers and clients, but here’s the big difference – SPACE!! Yes we have so much space to work around each other and still get those epic mountains and sun in the background for your family session. I always warn families when we head to the most popular spots that they’ll likely be crowded, but never fear because we have all kinds of space!

Looking to capture your own family session in the Boulder mountains?! Reach out and we’ll get that scheduled – I’ll help tire the kids out for the ride home!

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