4 Ways to an Easy Colorado Family Session

Mom, dad, 2 teenage sons and elementary aged daughter singing in the Rocky Mountains on a fall day.

As a fellow busy wife, mom and business owner I know that just getting a family photo session on the calendar is a big enough obstacle! Coordinating various calendars is a part time job all on its own. That’s why I’m here to take as many things off our plate as your Colorado family photographer so I can make it super easy for you and your family.

  1. Location Choice – I’ll equip you with a location guide that not only shows you what your family photos will look like in that spot, but also important tips about those beautiful spots. Is there any walking/hiking involved? Is it small child friendly? Are there certain times of year it’s unavailable? I’ll answer all of those questions for you when deciding which Northern CO location is right for you.

2. The dreaded “what should we wear” is normally one of the first questions asked. Trying to coordinate looks for several family members is no easy task! It almost always falls on mom to figure this out for everyone. I provide you with a style guide that goes over all things color, patterns and what looks best based on location choice. You will also be provided a link to my client closet choices that comes in various colors and sizes. To complete the final piece of the styling puzzle, you get access to ME! No, I’m not a fashion influencer, but after all these years I know what photographs best in various locations for your Colorado family session and together with your family. You’ll get my cell number to text me options and if you choose – we can FaceTime/Zoom and “shop” your closet!

3. Mind Reading – haha! But in all seriousness I try to answer as many questions you might have before you have them. Once your session is all booked I start giving you all the information you need: what to expect, how to prepare your family (spoiler alert – it’s very minimal), detailed map, driving and parking instructions, what time to meet based on the sunset and how you’ll find me if it’s a popular spot or there’s minimal cell service, which is often the case in the Colorado mountains. Afterward you’ll receive information on when your gallery will be ready, how to access it and how to choose your photos. Easy peasy for you!

4. Let the Kids be Kids – I’m a mom of 2 so I get it. On the day of the session 1 or more of the kids will be ON FIRE and do their very best to not cooperate and derail the session you’ve been planning for weeks or months. Do not fear and do not stress! I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to fake it til we make it. I have patience for days to give them space and time that they need. We sing, play games, snuggle and when all else fails let them have the cry they might need for a few minutes. Your kids are 100% not “the worst I’ve ever photographed” I promise you! You’ll think that, but it’s not true. I want them to be them and remember their sweet personalities and quirks at this age.

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