Surprise Rocky Mountain Photographer Guests

Mom hugging and kissing son at sunset in the Estes Park mountains.

When another photographer hires you to photograph their family, I take it as the absolute highest honor. Yes, photographing all families is a high honor, but another photographer looks at your work through a different lens (get it??!!). So when Jasmin reached out before I even got to Colorado and wanted to book a session in Estes Park, specifically in Rocky Mountain National Park I absolutely jumped for joy! Then quickly started sweating because it would be my very first session in the park as a Rocky Mountain Photographer and I put the most pressure on myself!

Luckily, one of the nicest photographers on the planet lives near me and gave me some pointers – I’ll always be grateful for Shannon and her knowledge and overall awesomeness!

She led me to an absolutely gorgeous Estes Park spot in Rocky Mountain National Park for a summer session in the mountains. It was HOT, but luckily with the stream close by we had the opportunity to cool off a bit at the end of their session. If there is water I can tell you we’ll take advantage of that for all summer sessions!

Just as we were packing up to head out we had the most amazing photo bombers come into view. You bet your booty I made Jasmin and her family get back in that field for more photos and to vouch for me that this was in no way an AI insert, but genuine elk and their babies! To have this happen for my very first Rocky Mountain session was just beyond epic!

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