Most Fun Things to do in Estes Park with Kids

Two moms snuggling and loving on their 4 young daughters.

There are so many things to do in Estes Park and in my opinion it’s ALWAYS a good idea to head out to the mountains to explore. It’s definitely a great place to take your littles too so let’s highlight the most fun things to do in Estes Park with kids! You can explore, eat, shop and see some beautiful spots too!

Mom, dad and 2 sons sitting together at sunset laughing and sharing moments.

Glass Blowing Demonstrations

There are 2 glass blowing stores in Estes Park and both offer demonstrations daily so it’s worth a stop to learn about the art. Your kids will be mesmerized watching them transform this molten glass into a plate, vase and art. Mountain Blown Glass is in the heart of downtown Estes Park and Patterson Glass Works is just outside of downtown on the way to the Rocky Mountain National Park entrance. My girls have always been enthralled with these demonstrations when we’ve traveled around and it actually took some coaxing to get them to move on to the next spot!

Two moms snuggling and loving on their 4 young daughters.

YMCA of the Rockies

This place has so many activities to offer kids of all ages and is always a top recommendation when families are looking for a place to go for a quick overnight or weekend trip! The YMCA of the Rockies has cabins in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. They are no frills accommodations, but as a non camper this is a phenomenal option to enjoy so many outdoor activities. There are way too many activities to list, but let’s say you can fill more than a weekend with all the options! Don’t want to drive far for numerous fun things to do in one spot? This is a great option!

Mom and son enjoying fun things to do in Estes Park with kids.

Ice Cream, Taffy, Food, Snacks and More

If you can grow an extra stomach I’d highly recommend it before you go to Estes Park with kids. There are just way too many stores to grab ice cream, snacks, famous taffy and a full meal in between! You may have trouble dragging your kids away from the taffy making machines in the display window as you pass by. Need to get something besides sugar in your kids’ stomachs? Plenty of restaurants to get everyone’s belly full. If the parents need a treat in between there are breweries and distilleries to meet that need too!

Little girl twirling in a field in Estes Park.

Hiking, Lakes and More Things to do in Estes Park with Kids 

I feel like you can’t go to Estes Park without exploring nature and the great outdoors! Take a picnic to enjoy overlooking Bear Lake or Sprague Lake inside Rocky Mountain National Park. In the fall you can view elk herds grazing in the Moraine Park fields!

A popular hike in Estes Park with kids is Lily Lake Loop. It’s an easy mostly flat trail around the lake with mountain views and picnic areas for a lunch or snack. Lots of area to run and play and burn off all that energy kids keep bottled up!

These are just a few of the fun things to do in Estes Park with kids and there is so much more!

Looking to capture your own family session in Estes Park and the surrounding area?! Reach out and we’ll get that scheduled – I’ll help tire the kids out for the ride home!

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