Fort Collins Family Session

Little boy jumping off a rock as older sister climbs and mom, dad and baby brother look on.

Andy, Jenna, and the Timboe kids are going to be one of my most missed families when I move! They are the epitome of go-with-the-flow, love-on-your-kids, and enjoy-the-moment kind of people that photographer dreams are made of! They always give me some of my favorite photos, and their Fort Collins family session was no different. Their oldest son Robbie started our first session two years ago by giving me the stink eye, and now I’m pretty sure we are besties!!

We had the craziest sky over us during this day. It set the mood for some epic pictures! Jenna does a great job putting together outfits for the five of them! They are always complementary, but still playful enough for the kids to be kids.

We, of course, started on the rocks at our shoot location. It’s hard coming to the Boulder area and not heading straight to the boulders! Luckily, this area had a lot to offer. I absolutely live for a spot that has dimension and texture and this spot hits all of those things! We set up not too far away with a blanket for the five of them to sit on. Of course, the kids then loved rolling around on the blanket. There are plenty of open fields around to change up the scenery, And the long gravel path on the way back to the cars was the perfect setting to get the kids running! Those epic candid photos are always a must and some of my favorites!

A Fort Collins family session with the Timboe family always ends on the best note and leaves me excited for the next time we connect because I know it’s going to be amazing!

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