Golden Hour Family Session in the Fort Collins Sunset

Dad, mom and 2 children snuggling and smiling together at sunset.

Fall for photographers is filled with so many amazing golden hour family sessions, and EXHAUSTION! I won’t lie, I was tired entering this session with Laura and Bill. But when I tell you I left it so energized and ecstatic, I’m in no way exaggerating!

They also brought their parents with them to the session for a few pics of them with their grandkids! A multigenerational session is always a favorite for everyone involved, especially when you have the best grandparents.

We danced, we sang, we played, and we had the absolute best time. I live for a good sunset and this session did not disappoint. It really was perfect for a golden hour family session in the Fort Collins sunset. Obviously it’s really one of the things I miss about CA, but Colorado has so much to offer in different ways, and I feel blessed being a Fort Collins photographer. Now that I’ve been here a few months I can attest that we also have some of the most glorious sunsets too.

Having a family session like this is just one more example of the amazing images that come from just being with your family. No distractions, just laughs and loving on one another for an hour straight!

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