Fort Collins Adventure Session

Mom, Dad and 2 toddler daughters hugging and laughing together.

I know you aren’t supposed to have favorites, but Tyler, Travis, Quinn, and Jovi are absolutely one of my very favorite families to photograph! We clicked before our first session last winter. I was so excited to schedule their fall family session in October because I really just love everything about their family! What makes them even more awesome is their willingness to take me up on a Fort Collins adventure session and just blindly follow me! When prepping for your adventure session I will always send a check list of things to bring and wardrobe that works best. I want it to be adventurous but a good time too!

They are one of those families that I don’t have to set up candid moments for! They need zero prompting to have a great time with their girls. It doesn’t matter where we are, they really just have the best time. And their girls make me feel like a rockstar, giving me hugs and snuggles before, during and after their session.

Of course, this shoot tested their limits more than normal. I made them hike up a giant hill on a very hot October day. Add to that the swarming bugs around Travis who smiled through it all. I hate to laugh thinking back on it, but it was one of those moments you just have to laugh because it was so ridiculous! It was less funny when we were swarmed by bugs, but I do enjoy the funny memory.

Just like every other session we’ve had together, they rolled with it and made the most of their adventure session. It’s as if the crazy hot hike never happened, and they really just came to have fun. This is absolutely why they’re one of my favorites! Thanks for the best time always, Hodgson fam!!

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