Make the Weather Work for Your Senior Photography Session

High school senior girl at the shore of the beach in foggy weather.

Bring me all the seniors who see a forecast of fog and potential rain, and not only roll with it, but absolutely ROCK IT for their senior photography session!!

India knew her vision for her cliffside portrait session could work in rain or shine! And as much as I love the sunsets on the beach, the fog makes for the dreamiest sessions! She was not phased in the slightest by the clouds and fog. And now looking back, I think it made the photos all that much more special. Scroll through the images below, and you’ll see what I mean!

India spends lots of time in San Diego with her family from Utah, and I’m so grateful she chose me to take her senior photos while she was in town. Also, the fact that she included her best friend in her session was icing on the cake!

India had three outfits for her cliffside portrait session. This was the perfect amount for the time we spent together, I love some good outfit variety! Her friend was there helping make India laugh behind me, which is always the funniest. So, I had to make sure I could help get a few shots of her, after India was done shooting!

We used both the beach and the cliffs for the setting of her shoot. The best part of this beach is that it has all these unique grooves throughout the entire park. And you can walk through them, but also on them, so that you’re overlooking the beach! It’s so cool! The girls were ready for anything and I loved spending the afternoon with these two seniors!

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