I Want to Ride My Bicycle – Stuttgart, Germany Family Photographer

Do you have the Queen song stuck in your head now?! Because I do. I did a photo shoot with my neighbor Gina and her

Perfectly Porto – Stuttgart, Germany Travel Photographer

My husband and I work on what seems to be a magazine timeline. When we are traveling, we are normally prepping for

Spur of the Moment Fun – Stuttgart Germany Family Photographer

This past fall we had a pretty extraordinary season here in Stuttgart. The leaves were beautiful, the sun was out and

What a Difference a Year Makes – Stuttgart, Germany Family Photographer

I love getting to photograph families multiple years in a row. Unfortunately for me and those I photograph, we move so

Natural is the New Gorgeous – Stuttgart Germany Senior Photographer

I met Reagan and her family when we moved in just 1.5 years ago to beautiful Stuttgart Germany. She is a super smart,

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot – Stuttgart, Germany Family Photographer

After nearly 18 months in Stuttgart, I have figured out that the weather is on it’s very own program. In August,