In the Nick of Time – Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

This blog post has been a long time coming, but has taken me a bit to sit down and write it. Not because Melissa and I were long time, dearest of dearest friends, but because it was my very last session in Okinawa. I cannot even begin to describe how incredibly fortunate I feel to have had such success over there with all these amazing families and I have no one else to thank but them.

Melissa wasn’t even on my schedule until the very last minute when I posted photos of a mutual friend’s photo session. She messaged me right away and said she HAD to get in before they left. I can tell you that THAT is a huge compliment all on it’s own (thank you Melissa;)

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

Luckily I had one weekend left before I lives turned upside with our own move to Newport, and lucky for us the weather gods held out for us and we made this beautiful session happen. She was leaving about a week and a half later so we really did get these done in the nick of time.

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

Melissa and her family are just so sweet and every one of them were on board for some photos so that always makes for an awesome session! Her youngest son was asking lots of questions, her husband had ideas of photos he wanted to do, her oldest son sidled up to me to look at photos to see if he wanted any of his retaken and their daughter, well, with curls like that and an infectious smile she was ready to go! We had a great time and I love it when families tell me what they want in a session – makes life and photos that much easier! These two needed no prodding in getting couples shots together – the bottom set were all Jason’s idea and I think it was a brilliant idea!

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

I do wish Melissa and I had met up earlier so that we could become better friends because I can tell she is my type of fun yet laid back lady! Hopefully they are enjoying the beautiful West Coast and I just hope our paths cross again one day in the Marine Corps life!

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

Thank you again Melissa and Jason!

Dannielle - What an adorable family and lovely location! I bet they were more than thrilled with this session!

Balloons and Beaches – Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

I’ve blogged about Cristine and her family before when we had the photo shoot do over and it’s no secret I just love her! I feel like we are kindred spirits and I surely hope we get to spend more time together at another duty station. There are many more field trips we need to take together!

I was so excited when she asked me to do another photo shoot with just her kids at one of my favorite spots in Okinawa – Toguchi Beach. As is the case in May and June in Okinawa the weather is always iffy and we had to postpone a few days, but I’m so incredibly glad that we did. We had an amazing afternoon, albeit hot, to get out and do some beautiful photos.

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

Our session turned into one of our favorites so far – we ended up with an amazing lifestyle beach session. I will say Cristine and I were a little nervous at first because Miss H was not having any of the camera. We gave her some time, and perhaps a bit of bribery with some balloons, and it just went up (pun intended!) from there. Cristine went to get something from her car and that was probably the best thing that happened at that point because I got 2 of my most favorite photos ever!

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

I feel like when all else fails, balloons and fun props are ALWAYS the answer! Unless chocolate is on hand, then in my book THAT is always the answer…

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

We moved over to one of my favorite areas of the beach after some fun with balloons, hats and glasses. At low tide the beach at Toguchi is awesome in a photographer’s eyes. The moss is the most amazing shade of greens and the rocks are such a beautiful contrast. I will say, it’s a bit odd at first with it’s squishiness and to me it sounds like a bunch of Rice Krispies as the water flows through the moss and rocks. The kids had so much fun skipping around the tide pools and it was nice to just sit back, watch and photograph them through it all.

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

Thank you so much again Cristine! Until we see each other again!

Elizabeth - These are so fun! I love the colors and the vibrant, fun vibe here. Great job!

Dancing in the Streets – Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

I met Faith last summer when she first moved in to our housing area in Okinawa. I really got to know her when she worked me to the bone during the week during our playground workout sessions. When she first told me she was doing workouts at the playground with her kids for 20-30 minutes I thought “how hard can THAT be?” WHOA!!! Faith packs a punch into 20-30 short minutes. She made us work for every one of those minutes. I like to think I helped to bring the comic relief to those 20-30 minutes, but the fitness comedian jury is still out on that one!

I was thrilled when Faith asked me to do family photos before my family left the island. It meant a lot when she said “you can’t leave without us having ‘Christa Photos’ in Okinawa”. I appreciate those kind words.

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

Faith and her husband don’t get to be together a lot with the job he is currently working so we had just a small window of time to get these done before I left. Of course the morning we chose was spitting rain all morning, but Faith is not one to back down (and neither am I!) so we went for it. The rain gods were on our side that morning and it stopped raining for exactly the amount of time we needed for the photo shoot. Someone upstairs must have liked me that day!

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

Faith’s kiddos were just too cute for words and such great little models for me! At one point we were literally dancing in the streets because on a Sunday morning in Okinawa, Japan you definitely have the streets to yourselves.

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

And as is customary for me, I insist on a couples photo before we end our session. I definitely wish I had more time in Japan to not only workout with Faith, but to also get to know her better. She is such a kind person and given some time I think I could bring her a little more to the inappropriate dark side!! Haha!

Thank you again Faith – sure miss that encouragement and positive attitude you have!

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

Jessica Lysse Photography - Love all these! Fantastic work!

Melanie - What a beautiful family! I love the street shots!

Megan - What a beautiful family! Love these family portraits – great job!

Where We Live – Newport, Rhode Island Photographer

We’ve been here in Newport, Rhode Island for exactly a month and I have to say I’m already in love. Friends and fellow military wives in Okinawa told me I would love it, and honestly I was fixated on how utterly cold and miserable I would be in the winter to appreciate these words. I knew I would love exploring New England, but I can tell you that a year is not going to be NEARLY enough time to get to all that I want to!

We live on a peninsula on an island here Rhode Island and it’s just absolutely beautiful. Surrounded by sailboats and beautiful skies, it makes evening walks and morning runs all that much more enjoyable! I had the unfortunate pleasure of waking up one morning before the birds did, but it paid off when I grabbed my camera and wandered down to the sailing launch.

Newport, Rhode Island Photographer

What is even more amazing is the fact that I can sit at my dining room table, look out the window and see if a sunset is going to be a good one or not (hint: it’s almost always good!). The sunsets in Okinawa were amazing, but unfortunately I lived on the East side of the island and to drive to the beautiful sunset locations was easily 30-45 minutes. This ability to walk out my back door, down a small path and see the beauty is just incredible!

Newport, Rhode Island Photographer

Now head on over to Kersten Green’s blog to check out her beautiful photos!

lisa lacroix - What a beautiful place to live! I love the sunset over the water!!

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Lindsay - Beautiful! And it will only get prettier as the leaves change. There is nothing like a New England Fall!

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Jayne - I would think I was on holiday for a year if I lived there…so beautiful! Looking forward to a year of Rhode Island :)

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Jen - Just stunning. You have found the most beautiful light here. Wonderful contribution to the circle this month.

Faye - These images are gorgeous! I think you are definitely going to love your new home!

Rebeccah - oh my goodness – those colors – stunning!!!

A Dragon Boat Racer and Some Gentlemen – Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

I met Jodi through a running group formed in Okinawa. Unfortunately I didn’t get to know her very well since we lived all of 10-12 miles apart, but in Oki that’s like another world away some days! I knew the little bit I had been around her that we were a bit of kindred spirits in the sarcastic, laugh your way through life kind of way. After seeing Michelle and John’s photos, I was so thrilled when she contacted me about doing family photos before we both left the island. Jodi and Michelle were on the dragon boat team together so they are definitely both some tough cookies! We planned for one of those iffy May days in Okinawa and fortunately the weather cooperated until right when we got in our cars to leave – then the rain clouds opened!

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

I absolutely loved working with Jodi and her family. They are fun and spontaneous and we all laughed the entire session. I have to admit I was a bit intimidated going in because with 3 boys, 2 of them tween/teen, I wasn’t sure if they would be into the ideas I had in mind. Not only were they into it, but they put their own comedic spin on mine and their mom’s ideas – win/win for all of us! Jodi and Charlie are raising some awesome gentlemen and they should be so proud.

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

Hopefully they are now soaking up the California sun and surf in SoCal! Thank you again Jodi, Charlie and family!

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

Lorena - So fun! Love that red building.

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Emily - What a gorgeous family! They will love these photos. Great job with framing them in the building. The red really pops!

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