Where We Live – Newport, Rhode Island Photographer

We’ve been here in Newport, Rhode Island for exactly a month and I have to say I’m already in love. Friends and fellow military wives in Okinawa told me I would love it, and honestly I was fixated on how utterly cold and miserable I would be in the winter to appreciate these words. I knew I would love exploring New England, but I can tell you that a year is not going to be NEARLY enough time to get to all that I want to!

We live on a peninsula on an island here Rhode Island and it’s just absolutely beautiful. Surrounded by sailboats and beautiful skies, it makes evening walks and morning runs all that much more enjoyable! I had the unfortunate pleasure of waking up one morning before the birds did, but it paid off when I grabbed my camera and wandered down to the sailing launch.

Newport, Rhode Island Photographer

What is even more amazing is the fact that I can sit at my dining room table, look out the window and see if a sunset is going to be a good one or not (hint: it’s almost always good!). The sunsets in Okinawa were amazing, but unfortunately I lived on the East side of the island and to drive to the beautiful sunset locations was easily 30-45 minutes. This ability to walk out my back door, down a small path and see the beauty is just incredible!

Newport, Rhode Island Photographer

Now head on over to Kersten Green’s blog to check out her beautiful photos!

lisa lacroix - What a beautiful place to live! I love the sunset over the water!!

jessica - Wow what a gorgeous view! I love the sailboats, such a beautiful sight to have everyday!

Renee - Oh, wow these are some beautiful landscape images! I think I may have to take a trip to Rhode Island one day for some of those sunrise/sunset shots! I love all of those sailboats and the vivid, gorgeous colors you captured!

Paige Wilks - Totally jealous of your views! That sunset is incredible!

Lindsay - Beautiful! And it will only get prettier as the leaves change. There is nothing like a New England Fall!

Summer - Love these, such beautiful colors! <3

Asheley - Have I mentioned how envious I am of your family’s military assignments?! These images are a beautiful treat for the eyes. Can’t wait to see more from your new home!

Sheila - Lovely images Christa! I can’t wait to see more of Newport!

Jayne - I would think I was on holiday for a year if I lived there…so beautiful! Looking forward to a year of Rhode Island :)

Stacey - WOW! There isn’t much more to say than that. I am in awe and I keep scrolling back up to look at them again. :)

Jen - Just stunning. You have found the most beautiful light here. Wonderful contribution to the circle this month.

Faye - These images are gorgeous! I think you are definitely going to love your new home!

Rebeccah - oh my goodness – those colors – stunning!!!

A Dragon Boat Racer and Some Gentlemen – Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

I met Jodi through a running group formed in Okinawa. Unfortunately I didn’t get to know her very well since we lived all of 10-12 miles apart, but in Oki that’s like another world away some days! I knew the little bit I had been around her that we were a bit of kindred spirits in the sarcastic, laugh your way through life kind of way. After seeing Michelle and John’s photos, I was so thrilled when she contacted me about doing family photos before we both left the island. Jodi and Michelle were on the dragon boat team together so they are definitely both some tough cookies! We planned for one of those iffy May days in Okinawa and fortunately the weather cooperated until right when we got in our cars to leave – then the rain clouds opened!

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

I absolutely loved working with Jodi and her family. They are fun and spontaneous and we all laughed the entire session. I have to admit I was a bit intimidated going in because with 3 boys, 2 of them tween/teen, I wasn’t sure if they would be into the ideas I had in mind. Not only were they into it, but they put their own comedic spin on mine and their mom’s ideas – win/win for all of us! Jodi and Charlie are raising some awesome gentlemen and they should be so proud.

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

Hopefully they are now soaking up the California sun and surf in SoCal! Thank you again Jodi, Charlie and family!

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

Lorena - So fun! Love that red building.

jessica - Beautiful family session. great posed and candid photos!

Emily - What a gorgeous family! They will love these photos. Great job with framing them in the building. The red really pops!

Jenny - Beautiful family session! Looks like you had so much fun with the boys! And the location and that red building are just stunning!

Megan - What a beautiful family! Love these family photos – and what a cool location!

Areke - What a fun family session! I love how their outfits stand out against the red in the background. Beautiful!

Allyson Hamilton Photography - What a fun family session! I always love seeing shots of mama’s with all their boys. :)

Beach Family – Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

I realized when I blogged about little Miss E that I never blogged her family’s photo session – the nerve! This session was awesome and was just what we were looking for. An amazing afternoon/evening with one of my favorite families at one of our favorite beaches. And surprisingly enough we planned it in a 2 hour period! It was sunny and beautiful in the middle of rainy season, Sarah called me and off we went 2 hours later – it was actually quite fantastic.  I just love laughing and joking with them! Sean gets me going then normally can’t believe where I end up taking the conversation, but I secretly think he likes the corruption that JoyPop has instilled in our fellow member Sarah!!

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

We fortunately had the beach to ourselves and frolicked until our little hearts were content. We started with the most energetic of the group diving right in to the prop box and getting into quite the get up right away! Love these kiddos and that the beach is essentially their second home. All the neighborhood moms always marvel at Sarah grabbing the kiddos, a lunch and off she goes. No fuss no muss!

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

And speaking of Sarah, my love for her is not a secret and right now I miss her so, so much and would give anything to walk down to her house and give her a big hug. She is Mother Earth and the love for her kids shines each and every time I’m around her. Even when the kiddos are running around, screaming, etc. she is just calm and serene (on the outside at least)!!

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

After spending some time with her mom while she was visiting I can see first hand where she gets that calm and serene aura from! Her mom is just awesome and amazing and just sitting in a room with both of them made me completely zen. I was so happy we made the photos happen while GiGi was on the island and we got her in a few as well!

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

And thanks to Miss E for giving me one of my most favorite photos ever!

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

Thank you, thank you Forester Family! Love and miss you so much!

Jessica - What a beautiful family session on the beach!

Sara - What a gorgeous family! I love the candid portraits of the kids and you’re right the one of Miss E is adorable!

megan - I love beach family photos! These are so pretty – love the pops of color!!

Susy - What a gorgeous location for a family session. I wish we lived near a beach! Great job!

Emily - Wow, these family photos are gorgeous!!! I absolutely love the interactions between them and that location is magical. Well done!

Where We Live – Mountain Edition

It’s time again for our collective of photographers to participate in the monthly Where We Live blog circle. I love “visiting” all the different areas where these women live and hopefully one day make it to many of them! I wasn’t able to participate last month since we were knee deep and one week away from our move to the states. We’ve been traveling and getting some much needed family time since then so this edition isn’t really where we live, but rather a place with lots of memories for all of us, especially my husband.

My husband’s late father purchased a hunting cabin in the mountains of Pennsylvania many decades ago. His friends would come with him for hunting season and it also became a family getaway for my husband, his siblings and his mom. It sits on a river and is just the most serene, peaceful place on Earth I think. The amazing outcome in all of this is that my father in law took this cabin on as his baby as well after he and my mother in law married 29 years ago. It has grown since then and I know my husband is so grateful to create memories with his own family here.

One of the first things we all do when we get here (and it’s warm enough) is to get the suits on, grab the tubes and float down the river. This year there was lots of rain so it was higher than usual which made for great floating and “rapids” in some parts! Although a little chilly, we always get past that immediately and just enjoy the sights and sounds of the river and mountains.

Newport, Rhode Island Photographer

One of my favorite things to do up here is take photo walks and capture as much as I can of this beautiful place. This year I was extra eager after purchasing a macro lens in Okinawa before we departed. The wild flowers along the road provide all kinds of practice for macro work and I had nothing but time up here! I even have a budding photographer on my hands that joined me on many a photo walk! She mostly captured bunnies, but dabbled in some floral work as well.

Newport, Rhode Island Photographer

Newport, Rhode Island Photographer

There are also those things that have been up here in the mountains forever that you take for granted, or maybe wish they weren’t here because they’re an eye sore, but looking through a camera brings a different perspective. Maybe it’s the colors, maybe it’s the grunge or maybe just simply looking for things to photograph in a different way.

Newport, Rhode Island Photographer

Newport, Rhode Island Photographer

And no visit is complete without making the drive into the 3rd oldest brewery in the nation for a tour and taste of their brew. Straub has become a favorite for us, and is a special treat when we come here since distribution is limited. We introduced my parents to it this visit and I think we have new fans!
Anyone else start singing the “Laverne and Shirley” theme song as they look at all the bottles ready to be capped?!?!

Newport, Rhode Island Photographer

Now head over to Rebeccah Parks blog to see what beauty she has in store for us!

kimberly - Wow! These images are fantastic. They deserve to be printed and displayed!

Paige Wilks - Wow, such amazing scenery! The brewery is amazing. Loved your photos this month!

Rebeccah - what a fantastic place to have in your family!!!

Kelly M - This is such a fantastic idea for a blog circle – how fun. Your macro shots are amazing.

Carrie - Wow! I really want to come visit you! :-) And I love the idea of a “where we live” blog circle. What a great way to learn about each other.

Aubrey - These are amazing. I LOVE the macro work, and the views you have are breath-taking!

Asheley - So much eye candy this week. The macro shots are beautiful!

Kersten - You photos this month scream the American Dream. Really beautiful.

jayne maartens - What an amazing place! So beautiful – just my kind of scene ;)

My Sweet Newborn Guinea Pig – Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

You might remember my sweet friend Sarah and her awesome family. Because she is so kind she allowed me to not only use her as my guinea pig, but even let me get my hands on her sweet baby after she arrived in late April. Now that’s a friend I must say because I’ve never done a newborn photo shoot and she gave me free reign! I certainly did my research of course, but no amount of research prepares you for 6 pounds of baby that may or may not want to cooperate with you!

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

She was awesome – though I must say did make us work for these shots and wasn’t so sure about this whole sleeping while being maneuvered and photographed. Our first day was a trial run to see what might work and what needed to be changed for the next shoot. I learned a lot and just happy Sarah had 2 days free for me to come and get my baby fix and photograph this precious girl! The first shoot ended with what I intended for this antique Chinese foot bath – to put a baby in there! The owner of the Chinese antique furniture store that I worked at thought I was nuts, but I was determined to get a photo of her in there and it turned out wonderfully!

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

The next shoot we were more prepared and grandma was also in for a visit, which also made things more calm and easygoing. I mentioned in my other post that my friend Sarah is such a calming force for me and I saw firsthand that it’s genetic – her mom just sat and watched and brought a serene feeling for the shoot and I couldn’t be more grateful to her for that.
Sarah brought out some awesome scarves to wrap little E in and fortunately they blended beautifully with the blankets I hauled in too.

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

All in all both shoots turned out great and now I have firsthand knowledge of how hard a newborn shoot can be with a very easy baby! Kudos to full time newborn photographers! And huge kudos to Sarah for letting me try out some skills on her sweet baby. It’s only been 3 weeks since we moved away and I sure miss this little girl and her family a ton…

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

Kathleen - Wow, well done! You did very well for a first timer! Can’t wait to see how much you have grown on your 10th newborn :)

A Dimple in Time Photography - Welcome to the world of newborn photography! It is definitely quite challenging, but it is so rewarding as well. I look forward to seeing your work as you evolve!

Michelle - Beautiful job for your first time. I’m sure they mom will love them.

kimberly - These are precious! Great job for your first newborn session. And yay for holding sweet babies!

Peggy - Fantastic job! I can’t believe this is your first newborn! Your variety is just wonderful. Congrats to you & the new Mama. Can’t wait to see future sessions!