Not Your Ordinary Playground Day – Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

I met Jolene way back when we both went through the whirlwind in the Marine Corps referred to as Commander’s Course. She was a new mama severely jetlagged from flying to Virginia from Okinawa. I didn’t realize the huge feat that was until I did it – whoa! I couldn’t imagine doing that with a baby! However, in true Jolene fashion, I had no clue that she was working on 1-2 hours because she was still so witty and put together each day. I knew I liked her from that one week of intensity!

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

A few short months later I joined up with her in the Okinawa and was thankful to have a friendly face on the other side during *mandatory* events we attended together. And behind that super sweet smile is also an awesomely snarky lady after my own heart! I nearly died the first time I heard a super sarcastic comment from her.
I didn’t get to know Jolene as well as I would have liked during our time in Okinawa, but so grateful that we met and I felt a kindred spirit. I was beside myself that she was also coming to Rhode Island and so happy that once we got settled we picked up where we left off!

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

Last month I went out to spend the morning with she and her adorable little blondies at the pier, firehouse and playground too. They are absolutely awesome kids and the little guy pretty much kept me in stitches the entire time we were together! And just so everyone knows – there were no bad guys that got to us that morning because Super C was there to not only out run them, but save the day for all us damsels in distress!

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

Can you tell that this little lady has an older brother?! I love her “Bring It On” stance for those 2 older boys at the top. No one is going to mess with her!

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

After she gets done kicking some preschooler boy booty she is also a lady and knows how to dress to impress!

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

I’m certainly going to soak up as much time with Jolene and her family while we’re here together as I can because in the Marine Corps you just never know when you’ll cross paths again. I look forward to being entertained by these munchkins for the next few months!

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

AnonymousI love these shots! The feel of them are perfect. My favorite is the boy in the cape. I can totally feel the motion there! Great job :)

Small Town Beauty – Newport, Rhode Island Senior Photographer

I’m going to go ahead and throw out the cliche phrase right in the beginning – I remember this young woman when she was just a wee little thing running around our grandma’s house with her cousins all around. When you’re away from family as much as we are then time seems to do quadruple time and go even faster.

This nearly 6′ tall beauty will be graduating from high school in just 8 short months and then I”m sure amazing things are going to happen for her! She is down to earth, smart and has a good touch of sass too (as a fellow sassy pants I appreciate that!)

Newport, Rhode Island Senior Photographer

Their property near my little hometown was perfect for her senior photos. Lots of open area, trees, and best of all their horse made an appearance too! It was my first time shooting with a horse and first time I’d been around a horse in many years so I wasn’t completely sure what I was getting into! It all turned out beautifully though and so happy that we got these images with her!

Newport, Rhode Island Senior Photographer

Madison said after high school she might want to look into modeling and I just wish we lived closer to one another so we could plump up her portfolio together. Oh the beautiful photos we could create running around Newport and the rest of Rhode Island!

Newport, Rhode Island Senior Photographer

Thank you again Madison and Rhonda!

AnonymousLove this beautiful high school senior photography session! Especially the horse poses <3! Beautiful light!

AnonymousWhat a beautiful high school senior! I bet she loved these images!

AnonymousWhat a beautiful girl, lovely senior photos.

Anonymousshe would definitely be a great model! Seniors are the best :) My favorite subject to photograph

AnonymousSo graceful and pretty! Great shots!

AnonymousI love this senior session! She looks so relaxed and I love the variety in shots and outfits. Gorgeous!

Where We Live – Newport, Rhode Island Photographer

It’s time once again for the monthly blog circle I belong to with these talented ladies. I had good intentions to walk around downtown Newport and use those photos for this month, but I have to be honest that I just plain forgot! Next month for sure.

However, we have done a lot of traveling in our 2 short months of being here in Newport. As I talk to local acquaintances about doing as much as we can in 11 months here they are normally amazed at all that we have taken advantage of already so I think we’re on the right track!

I was lucky enough to win ferry tickets to Block Island and we took advantage of that last month before everyone headed off to school. We took our bikes and had such a great time biking all over that small island. We were tired at the end of the day for sure, but I must admit the girls did a 1000 times better than I thought they would with all the activity and biking. This is definitely a trip I would recommend to anyone else coming here – Block Island is so quaint and exactly how you picture a New England fishing/tourist island.

Newport, Rhode Island Photographer

Newport, Rhode Island Photographer

We also ventured up to Boston twice already since we have some dear friends that live there for this school year. We headed on the Freedom Trail, explaining to the children multiple times the significance of these sights, and quite frankly I’m still not so sure they get it yet! To them it’s old buildings, grave stones and people talking to us, but to us it was interesting to see all the areas on and read all the history that took place in this small area of a city and the US.

Newport, Rhode Island Photographer

We had a rainy day last month too that we took advantage of our Family Pass to the Newport Mansions. We unknowingly toured the very first mansion built here in Newport and it’s interesting to hear how these amazing homes came to be through the years. I’m looking forward to hitting more of these homes once the cold settles in and outside activities are halted.

Newport, Rhode Island Photographer

Stop by Lindsay’s blog next to see what she has in store for this month!

AnonymousNewport is such a beautiful place, I love all different wee places, the textures and lights, like it was many different locations! Such a joy to photograph!

AnonymousI love the colors in the first few shots. Beautiful!

AnonymousWhat an absolutely breathtaking place!! Love the way you captured it!

AnonymousMy husband and I had the opportunity to travel to Newport and Boston on a cruise 2 years back. Newport is a beautiful town and I hope we can make it back to explore there again! One day just wasn’t enough. Your photos capture it wonderfully.

AnonymousBeautiful! I have never seen photos of Block Island before. My dad always sails his boat there for vacations during the summer but I’ve never gone with him. Not too keen about spending a week on a boat ;)

AnonymousI love the vivid colors in your images! I feel like I am experiencing these beautiful locations with you- beautiful job!

AnonymousBeautiful tour of the area! The Newport mansions are stunning and your seaside images are so vibrant. The freedom trail is on my bucket list, so much American history happened in one place.

AnonymousWow! That lost shot is stunning!

AnonymousBeautiful! That last black and white image is amazing!

AnonymousEvery time I see one of your posts I get a little homesick. Growing up in New England every image triggers wonderful memories for me. It is clear you are enjoying your short stay!!

AnonymousWow! You have been busy. Block Island sounds like fun, and those landscapes look like a painting!

AnonymousChrista, your images always make me want to visit – so beautiful :)

In the Nick of Time – Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

This blog post has been a long time coming, but has taken me a bit to sit down and write it. Not because Melissa and I were long time, dearest of dearest friends, but because it was my very last session in Okinawa. I cannot even begin to describe how incredibly fortunate I feel to have had such success over there with all these amazing families and I have no one else to thank but them.

Melissa wasn’t even on my schedule until the very last minute when I posted photos of a mutual friend’s photo session. She messaged me right away and said she HAD to get in before they left. I can tell you that THAT is a huge compliment all on it’s own (thank you Melissa;)

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

Luckily I had one weekend left before I lives turned upside with our own move to Newport, and lucky for us the weather gods held out for us and we made this beautiful session happen. She was leaving about a week and a half later so we really did get these done in the nick of time.

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

Melissa and her family are just so sweet and every one of them were on board for some photos so that always makes for an awesome session! Her youngest son was asking lots of questions, her husband had ideas of photos he wanted to do, her oldest son sidled up to me to look at photos to see if he wanted any of his retaken and their daughter, well, with curls like that and an infectious smile she was ready to go! We had a great time and I love it when families tell me what they want in a session – makes life and photos that much easier! These two needed no prodding in getting couples shots together – the bottom set were all Jason’s idea and I think it was a brilliant idea!

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

I do wish Melissa and I had met up earlier so that we could become better friends because I can tell she is my type of fun yet laid back lady! Hopefully they are enjoying the beautiful West Coast and I just hope our paths cross again one day in the Marine Corps life!

Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

Thank you again Melissa and Jason!

AnonymousWhat an adorable family and lovely location! I bet they were more than thrilled with this session!

Balloons and Beaches – Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

I’ve blogged about Cristine and her family before when we had the photo shoot do over and it’s no secret I just love her! I feel like we are kindred spirits and I surely hope we get to spend more time together at another duty station. There are many more field trips we need to take together!

I was so excited when she asked me to do another photo shoot with just her kids at one of my favorite spots in Okinawa – Toguchi Beach. As is the case in May and June in Okinawa the weather is always iffy and we had to postpone a few days, but I’m so incredibly glad that we did. We had an amazing afternoon, albeit hot, to get out and do some beautiful photos.

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

Our session turned into one of our favorites so far – we ended up with an amazing lifestyle beach session. I will say Cristine and I were a little nervous at first because Miss H was not having any of the camera. We gave her some time, and perhaps a bit of bribery with some balloons, and it just went up (pun intended!) from there. Cristine went to get something from her car and that was probably the best thing that happened at that point because I got 2 of my most favorite photos ever!

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

I feel like when all else fails, balloons and fun props are ALWAYS the answer! Unless chocolate is on hand, then in my book THAT is always the answer…

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

We moved over to one of my favorite areas of the beach after some fun with balloons, hats and glasses. At low tide the beach at Toguchi is awesome in a photographer’s eyes. The moss is the most amazing shade of greens and the rocks are such a beautiful contrast. I will say, it’s a bit odd at first with it’s squishiness and to me it sounds like a bunch of Rice Krispies as the water flows through the moss and rocks. The kids had so much fun skipping around the tide pools and it was nice to just sit back, watch and photograph them through it all.

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer

Thank you so much again Cristine! Until we see each other again!

AnonymousThese are so fun! I love the colors and the vibrant, fun vibe here. Great job!