Project 365 the Week of Ella – Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

This week was a wee bit easier with someone in our family turning double digits and jetting off for a weekend away. A

Style With A Capital S – Newport, Rhode Island Couples Photographer

What do you do when the couple you are photographing show up styled to the nines to the photoshoot?! First, you do the

Must. Keep. Going. – Project 365 Week 3

Seriously? Week 3 and I’m already struggling? Weak I tell you. Weak. However, I took a photograph each and every

Project 365 – Week 2

Phew, I made it through the 2nd week and my first entire full week. Get this, I even had photos to spare on a couple of

Almost Too Pretty – Newport, Rhode Island Family Photographer

I met Heidi and her girls not long after we moved here at a neighborhood picnic/potluck. I thought from the beginning

Let’s Do This – 2015 Project 365

Way back in 2009 I got a hair brained idea that I would take part in the ever popular Project 365. It’s a