Kids Were Here – The Tween Edition

I missed out on last month’s blog circle because let’s just say I was a little crazy town with sessions and life, but I’m happy to be back this month and joining in with these talented ladies!

This month is brought to you by the letter T. We are in full on tweendom in this house with the roller coaster that comes with it. It is mostly ups, but there are the occasional downs as well. Like the heavy sigh, the eye roll and the “I KNOOOOW”. It has been amazing to see the grown up girl on the verge of little lady that she is becoming just in this school year alone. It actually makes me teary watching her grow so quickly. That baby that was so tiny and fit on my forearm at birth is now nearly wearing my shoe size (1/2 size away) and nearly as tall as I am. She is also wearing enough clothes in a week to clothe a small village.

Can you tell which side belongs to the 11 year old and which one belongs to the 9 year old?!

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer on location

The bathroom has also taken a tween renovation as well. Let’s just hope that in the next house there is a scoatch larger bathroom to house all the paraphernalia that comes with this territory!

Newport, Rhode Island Child Photographer on location

Now head on over to Anna’s blog to see what she has documented this month!

  • Emily SupiotThese are great. Time goes fast. My girls are only 2 & 3 now. I can’t imagine the tween years:)ReplyCancel

  • kimberlyLove these details you captured. They tell a great story!ReplyCancel

  • BrendaEnjoy the tween years, my youngest is now 13 and we are in full on teen mode which is not for the faint of heart! lol The clothes pile unfortunately will get larger and so will the eye rolling. :)ReplyCancel

    • ChristaOh boy! Sounds like I might want to go ahead and stock up on wine, no?! There’s a nine year old right behind her too!ReplyCancel

  • Shelby OliverSuch a fun age! My daughter is 2 and I always wonder what she will be like when she is 11.ReplyCancel

  • Candy HoehnToo cute! These are the moments we will all forget and what better way to remember the chaos?ReplyCancel

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